Lutheran and Anglican Ministries of the Bruce Peninsula

St Peter’s By-the-Lake Anglican Church, Sauble Beach
Third Street, Sauble Beach, Ontario


St. Peter’s By-the-Lake, Sauble Beach
celebrated seventy years of ministry during the summer of 2022.


     A group of dedicated Anglicans anxious to worship in the Anglican tradition worked tirelessly to raise money to establish a church in Sauble Beach.
     It has been remembered that Ann Stephenson, (Treasurer for 22 years) held garage sales on her lawn for many years. Collecting items from wherever she could, all proceeds going to the church.
     Land was purchased December 16th 1949, from John K Davidson for $500 and deeded to the Diocese of Huron.

** The building now known as St. Peter’s-by-the-Lake was built by E.J. (Ed) Downs, father of Jack and Pat, before 1913, and was used as a barber shop. In 1913 Mr. Downs built the building now used as a furniture store and used the first building as a place to display caskets.
     He then rented the building to a Mr. Plant who operated a shoe repair shop. After Mr. Plant passed away the building remained vacant.
     The Presbyterians held services in the hall above the furniture store but found it difficult to climb the stairs and so Ed Downs was approached by Mrs. Wm. Sinclair and sold the building to her for $250.00. The building was then renovated and used as a Presbyterian Church. As the attendance at the Church became smaller the building was finally closed and eventually sold to the Diocese of Huron which moved the building to Sauble Beach in 1950. It was covered with siding and a steeple was erected.**

**(From Green Meadows & Golden Sands, Ann Stephenson & Echo Graphics)

     It was dedicated by the Right Reverend George Luxton, Bishop of the Diocese of Huron on July the 8th, 1952. This lovely little church now houses many beautiful items. A hand-carved Alter, Altar Rail and Lectern and hand crafted pottery vases made by Ike and Marjorie Ashman.
     Although St. Peter’s was part of the Wiarton Parish, in the beginning priests on vacation would reside with their families in the cottage and conduct services. Later they were joined by theological students. When we look at the early entries in the vestry book we see many familiar names of men and women who have since been ordained and became prominent figures in this Diocese and throughout the Canadian church.
     Since 1979, St. Peter’s By-the-Lake has been “home” for students of theology for the summer months. As part of their spiritual formation, students of theology in the Diocese of Huron have participated in the summer ministries at St. Peter’s By-the-Lake. As worship leaders, the students gained much experience in preparation for ordination. However, summer ministries go beyond the Sunday services.
     As Summer Lay Pastors, students at St. Peter’s have provided pastoral care through home, nursing home and hospital visitation. Involvement in ecumenical events and church services has helped to build connections between St. Peter’s congregation and the congregations of the other churches in Sauble. The student is very much a part of the annual Turkey Dinner. This is great training for parish ministry.

Student Clergy at St. Peter’s-by-the-Lake
Peter Baldwin – 1979-1980 Stephen Oldllam – 1981 Brian Millson – 1982 Pat Nunn – 1983
Louise Peters – 1984 Rob Skirving – 1985 Wendy Fletcher – 1986 David Fuller – 1987
Jennifer Sisson – 1988 Keith Fleming – 1989 Stephen Hendry – 1990 Todd Townsend – 1991
Dalice Sim – 1992 Ted McCollum – 1993 Lance Smith – 1994 Gary Alcock – 1995
Michael Atkins – 1996 Paul Millward – 1997 Margaret Greenhow – 1998 Brian Wearne – 1999
Eleanor Caruana – 2000 Joan Stiles – 2001 Nancy Adams – 2002 Linda Nixon – 2003
Catherine Ascah – 2004 Victor Krueger-Kischak – 2005 Andrea Brennan – 2006 Rob Henderson – 2007
Kristen Oliver – 2008 Andreas Thiel – 2009 Andrew Wilson – 2010 Elise Chambers – 2011
Shaun Eaton – 2012 Shaun Eaton – 2013 Bradley Johnson – 2014 Mark Sceviour – 2015
Clare Stewart – 2016 Jeff Kischak – 2017 Hana Scorrar – 2018



Church is Wheelchair Accessible